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About School Health

About School Health

School Nurses
Here to help!

Students come to school with many different healthcare needs ranging from minor to severe, temporary (such as a concussion), to chronic (such as asthma).  The school nurse partners with parents, teachers and other school staff to meet all students' medical needs.

On an average day, a school nurse:

  • sees 25 sick and 10 injured students
  • screens 20 students for health problems
  • administers 10-15 medications
  • takes 18 temperatures
  • examines 10-12 throats or pairs of ears
  • provides case management to 10 students with chronic illnesses
  • sends 3 students home
  • contacts 40 parents/caregivers

every child deserves a school nurse

 Please never hesitate to call me about your child!  

Chronic Medical Conditions

The school nurse assists with monitoring of conditions such as seizures, asthma, diabetes, migraines, and others, as well as medication administration (whether your child needs an inhaler on occasion, or a medication daily at lunch). All care plans and forms for medications can be found in the link below. 

Immunizations & Physicals

In North Carolina, all students are required to have immunizations in order to attend school. For more information, please visit the Schools page of

Effective July 1, 2016, any student, regardless of age, who is entering a NC public school for the first time, must submit a health assessment within 30 days of enrollment.  For more information and the form to use, click here.

Special Diet Needs

Students with severe food allergies (examples: nuts, eggs), requiring an Epi-pen in the event of a reaction, can have their cafeteria accounts flagged by Child Nutrition Services.  Please provide a diet order, an order for the Epi-pen, a Severe Allergy Action Plan, and the Epi-pen itself to the school nurse.  She will submit the information to Child Nutrition Services. 

Parents of students with diabetes should contact the school nurse right away.  Care plans must be completed before the student can attend school.  

Students with other special food needs will need a diet order completed by the parent and doctor.  The school nurse will submit the information to Child Nutrition Services. 

Please see Child Nutrition's webpage for details about diet orders, carb counts, sample menus, and more.


New forms must be submitted each school year. 
All school health documents can be found by clicking the link above titled "Need Forms".