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About Royal Oaks


About Royal Oaks School of the Arts:

Welcome to Royal Oaks School of the Arts, the only K-8 institution and the sole fine arts-focused school in the Cabarrus County Schools system. We cherish our small-school family atmosphere, with a close-knit community of approximately 600 students from kindergarten through 8th grade. Many of our students remain with us for the entire nine years, allowing us to build deep, meaningful relationships with them and their families.

At Royal Oaks, we believe intelligence manifests in diverse ways beyond traditional norms. Our unique approach integrates the arts into our curriculum, enabling students to engage with core content through music, theater, dance, strings, and visual arts. This method fosters a dynamic and immersive learning experience, making our students excited to come to school and truly "experience" their education.



Our mission at ROSA is to use the arts as an inspiration for engagement, creativity, collaboration, and lifelong learning.  Creativity sparks engagement. Art ignites learning!



At Royal Oaks School of the Arts, we envision a dynamic and inclusive learning environment where every student is empowered to reach their fullest potential through the transformative power of the arts. Our school aspires to cultivate a community of innovative thinkers, compassionate collaborators, and lifelong learners who are inspired to create, explore, and excel in all areas of life. Through a dedication to artistic excellence and a commitment to fostering creativity and engagement, we aim to shape a future where the arts are an integral part of personal and academic growth, cultural understanding, and community enrichment.



The purpose of Royal Oaks School of the Arts is to provide a nurturing and inspiring educational environment where the arts serve as a catalyst for academic excellence, personal growth, and community engagement. We are dedicated to integrating artistic disciplines into our curriculum to foster creativity, critical thinking, and collaborative skills. By embracing the arts as a core component of our educational approach, we aim to prepare students to become innovative, empathetic, and lifelong learners who contribute meaningfully to a diverse and dynamic world. Our purpose is to empower each student to discover and develop their unique talents, enrich their lives, and inspire a passion for learning that extends beyond the classroom.


Core Values:

R-Respect for all individuals

O-Opportunities for engagement

S-Student centered decisions

A-Academic excellence through arts integration